Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tye is 3!!

Tye turned 3 today. He has been looking forward to today for a long time. He was so cute when he found his balloons and books at his breakfast spot....but even more excited when he saw that mommy made a cake for him!! He told everyone that called today "I have a CAKE!!!"
Tye wanted his favorite "bascebi" and green beans for his birthday dinner tonight.
Tye fell off of his stool right before opening his presents. He had such a hard time getting a smile back, but was finally able pull it together.


Katelin said she was going to "savor it." Tye not so much...he said "I'm not going to sabor it!!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jaxson turned 6 months on Feb 12. He is fully loved by big brother and big sister.

This is Jax's "i'm so sleepy" face...
He got his first tooth on March 4th.


Tye loves to be silly. He randomly pulls his ears to make his tongue come out and pushes his nose to make it go back in...

Other Cute Tye stories:

Tye is our OCD boy that has to have a routine. Every night he has to brush his teeth, floss, read books and Bible story. He then reminds me almost every night that he needs his "gasoline"...we put vasoline on his cheeks every night to keep them from getting so dry. Somehow this has turned into "gasoline?" After gasoline, he has to have a drink, then be tucked into bed with his sock dog and llama wrapped up and in his right and left arms. Then it is songs, prayer, and kisses. Last thing, he says "you can leave now..."

Tye is usually not as talkative as Katelin, but sometimes he gets to talking. One day he was sitting in the kitchen just jabbering away and says, "You don't have to answer, 'cause I'm just talking to myself."


Katelin loves feeding Jax

She also likes being silly with her hair after bath time...

Last week, Katelin had Pajama day. She could not wait to wear her pajamas to school!!!
Katelin also had a pretend trip at school. She decided she wanted to go to Lake Tahoe like mom and dad. She had a great time packing her bag and was so convinced she was going on a real trip. Katelin wanted us to call her teacher, Mrs. Woodard, to see how many days she would be gone so she could pack the right amount of stuff. The morning of her trip, she was up and dressed for her trip before I ever got up. I heard her unzipping her bag and she said "I am packing an extra set of PJ's because I am going to be gone 2 days!!!" Katelin was so convinced about her trip that she even convinced our nanny that she didn't need to be picked up from school that day...and she didn't get picked up (not 2 days later, but much later...)

Other cute stories:

Meg was reading Bible stories and Katelin asked "Are God and Jesus the same person?" Meg proceeds to explain the trinity to her. Katelin looks intently from the front of the Bible to the back at the pictures. After some deep reflection, Katelin had a revelation and said "No they are not because they don't have the same hair..."

Katelin went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and she starts yelling, "Daddy, come quick, we need something fixed!" (Mommy was standing right there, but of course she already knows that Daddy is the "fixer.") When asked what was wrong she said, "The light switch is broken. See, when I push it, nothing happens." It took some convincing that the actual problem was that the light bulb had burned out. : )

Katelin is learning to read and is doing great. She was reading a book to me and came across the word pup. She had never seen the word before, so she started sounding it out "p-uh-p" "p-uh-p" "p-uh-p"...she still could not get that the word was pup. When I finally told her what it was, she could not stop laughing. She goes around the house every once in a while now and says "p-uh-p" just to get a laugh!!
Welcome to our new blog! We thought this would be a fun way to share our pictures and lives with family and friends. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!
Katelin celebrated her first birthday at her grandparents' house in Round Rock. We grilled hamburgers and had cake and homemade ice cream.

Katelin's one! (April 2007)
We went to the Grand Canyon for our vacation this year. We stayed in Sedona, Arizona. The mule ride was great fun! We suggest everyone seeing the Grand Canyon at least once in a lifetime.

Sedona, Arizona

Trip to the Grand Canyon- May 2007

Ready for the mule ride : )
Summer is definitely here! Katelin loves the pool.

Pool fun