Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keslyn Baptized!!

On August 10, 2008 my niece Keslyn was baptized!! We were so glad we got to share in this awesome act of obedience. She was a little scared, but as you can see on her face, she got over it.

We are so proud of you Keslyn!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bolding Fun

We went to Round Rock for a quick visit. So much fun with the Bolding's.

Friday we went to Meghan's brother's for their family pizza night. We watched part of the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

Zane couldn't wait to get a picture with his cousin. The whole night he was so good with Tye entertaining him with his toys. Zane is going to be a GREAT big cousin.

Valerie Kate and Katelin are getting to be great friends. Katelin wanted to do everything Valerie did. Valerie is such a GREAT big cousin too!!

Chad trying to get Tye to follow in Mom's footsteps!
The boys playing "ride a little horsey." Don't worry, no one fell down.
Saturday we hung out by the Bolding pool:
Katelin trying out her new Olympic swim cap!! (Watch out Katie Hoff!!)
She thought this crazy hat was sooo funny.
Katelin loves her Aunt Randi Ann!!
Katelin's first time on the slide...
...and jumping alone on the diving board... fearless (Laura Wilkinson, watch out!!)
Tye and Mammother enjoyed the pool too!!

Manning, Rori, and Imiley

Meghan's cousin Rori, her husband Manning, and daughter Imiley came to Galveston for vacation a couple of weekends ago. We went to all of the great Galveston sights:

The Original!!! our all-time favorite place.

The Beach... Katelin and Imiley had a blast.
The Strand:
Manning plays the Trumpet at their church, so he was excited to see this on the strand...
Yaga's...our family likes to eat!!
La King's...Katelin was like a kid in a candy store :)
Everyone had a Great time until Edouard (the tropical storm) kicked them out of town. Thanks for coming down, we had a great time!!

Ortho Bum

Catherine was out of town a couple of weekends ago, so we had an ortho bum show up at our back door. After dinner Chad crashed on the chair (he had a good excuse...post-call). This was a usual occurance in our med-school days, but since kids and residency a little harder to hang out. Great to hang out like the "old days." Love you buddy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Armandina Locke (Dina) is our new best friend. She started with us as the kid's nanny 4 weeks ago and she has been such a blessing. As you can see, she loves Katelin and Tye. She does tons of activities with Katelin...puzzles, crafts, ABC's, reading, etc. They all go the park about every morning and when they come back they have music time...yes, she plays piano, too!! The very first week, Dina taught Katelin "God is so Good" and she has been singing it ever since. Dina has even been teaching Katelin Spanish...yes, she also speaks Spanish!! Where did she come from, you might ask? Well, she was an answer to all of your prayers for a new nanny!!! Thank you!

Dina and Katelin were talking about Flamingos one day when putting a puzzle together, so Dina decided to bring her Flamingo glasses the next day. Katelin LOVED it!!

I think we may have to have the military pack Dina up when they relocate us!!
Welcome to our new blog! We thought this would be a fun way to share our pictures and lives with family and friends. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!
Katelin celebrated her first birthday at her grandparents' house in Round Rock. We grilled hamburgers and had cake and homemade ice cream.

Katelin's one! (April 2007)
We went to the Grand Canyon for our vacation this year. We stayed in Sedona, Arizona. The mule ride was great fun! We suggest everyone seeing the Grand Canyon at least once in a lifetime.

Sedona, Arizona

Trip to the Grand Canyon- May 2007

Ready for the mule ride : )
Summer is definitely here! Katelin loves the pool.

Pool fun