Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoo...Smiles : )

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, being stuck in Houston because Meghan was on-call over the weekend, Meg had this great idea and we decided to go to the Houston Zoo!! MD Anderson is literally 3 blocks away, so Meg just brought her call stuff with her and off we went.

The weather was amazing!! Unusual for Houston, I know, but it was overcast, upper 70's, a drizzle here and there...just enough to bring out the zoo-ness smells to give us the full effect. Katelin had an absolute blast!!! Tye had some great dreams I am sure. It was pretty cool for Meg and I too. We did some reminiscing along the way. About seven years ago, Meg and I had one of our first dates at the Houston Zoo. (I actually think that's what won her over) It was crazy to think about how our lives have grown since then...marriage, NC, Afghanistan, TWO kids later, now back in Galveston and at the Houston Zoo looking at the same Elephants and Giraffes....

an aside...I just spent 45 minutes looking through several closets at numerous boxes to find "film" pictures we took at the zoo sooo many years ago...didn't find them of course...they're probably in the basement in box we haven't opened since the NC move...makes me thankful for digital pics...anyone for an hallelujah!!!

... one more thing (kind of along the zoo theme), I've been watching a lot of "Planet Earth" on DVD since Meg's been gone...if you haven't seen it yet, totally worth your time (and you can buy it at my favorite store...Wal-Mart!!).

...back to the zoo

Katelin was so cute. I think she was afraid the elephants were going to get out and come after her. Meg reassured her that they were fenced in and wouldn't hurt her. The rest of the day, at every animal, Katelin said "it's OK Katelin, won't hut you"
Look at the cute monkeys!!
Tye had the same idea as the lions...he slept most of the time.
Katlin loved the giraffes and watched them for quite a while.
She finally got to see real pink flamingos, not just the ones in our neighbor's yard. (we actually have pink flamingos in our yard too...but I won't admit that in public)
Here are the SMILES!! Yes, we actually kind of caught some on camera this weekend. He's got a dimple on each cheek. I can't wait until they come out and stay more. (sorry for the blurriness, the new DSLR camera I'm buying will fix that, right Meg : )
...and yes, Tye is secure in his manhood even with the pink boppy Katelin is letting him borrow...besides, I think the pink brings out the blue in his eyes : )

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's day

It started out with a nice lazy Sunday morning with bluberry muffins. As you can see, they were a hit. I offered to have breakfast in bed for Meg, but she is barely even a breakfast person (plus Tye and Katelin were starving).

The weather was perfect for relaxing in the hammock and a cookout in the Bolding's famous backyard. Here is the relaxing view from the hammock (are you relaxed yet?)
A little relaxation at the creek before the cookout. Katelin loved making slashes in the water with big rocks. I think all kids are facinated with rocks. Katelin has a lovely collection on our porch!!

Then the fun began with cousins Valerie and Zane:

Hamburgers and hotdogs are always a hit.
And the Ladies that made it all possible: (way to go moms!!)

Meghan!!! XOXO
I think all of the action wore Granddaddy and Katelin out!!

We did get to see my mom for mother's day, but it has been more like a "Mom's Month" with her helping out with the kids in Houston with Meg, so I will update through the month with pics of Nana. Thanks mom for all of your help, love kev.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Meghan finished her six weeks of maternity leave today. I know, it went by really fast, right? Ophtho residency calls her back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, she is starting back on a 7 week rotation at MD Anderson in Houston. Good thing is, her residency provides an apartment in the med center. Bad thing, I still have my job in Galveston. We are going to be a split family for the next 7 weeks. We spent most of the weekend packing up and figuring out our family situation. Feels like we are sharing custody of our kids. Thank goodness it is only temporary. Tye is going to spend most of the seven weeks with Meghan with various family members helping out. Katelin is going to spend most of her time in Galveston with me. We just hired a Nanny who starts tomorrow (yikes!!).
Packing up...don't forget the Nana and the rocking chair!!
Home sweet home? Katelin did not want to go back into the apartment. She kept saying "no, don't like this house." I'm glad she is attached to our home.
John and Erika joined us for lunch after church. I will be calling on them to help with Mr. Mom over the next 7 weeks.
Here is our sweet friend Tara who met us for lunch on our way out of church and up to Houston.
Please pray for all of the craziness that will be our family for the next 7 weeks
...so to re-cap

...we have a Nana taking care of Tye with Meghan in Houston
...and a new Nanny taking care of Katelin with me in Galveston
...and Katelin calls Nana "Neena"
...is Katelin going to be confused, or what??

Tye at 6 weeks!!

Tye is now six weeks old. I can't believe how the time has flown by. He is starting to get out of the newborn phase, getting on somewhat of a schedule, smiling. He still squeaks when he eats and sleeps. He loves to sleep on his side and loves his swing.

Mammother came to visit and help out during this last weekend of Meghan's maternity leave.
Tye is getting so alert. Look how big his eyes get. We think they are going to stay blue, but we'll give him another few months to decide on the final color.
Getting ready to crack a smile!! Pretty sure the laugh is coming soon!!
Welcome to our new blog! We thought this would be a fun way to share our pictures and lives with family and friends. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!
Katelin celebrated her first birthday at her grandparents' house in Round Rock. We grilled hamburgers and had cake and homemade ice cream.

Katelin's one! (April 2007)
We went to the Grand Canyon for our vacation this year. We stayed in Sedona, Arizona. The mule ride was great fun! We suggest everyone seeing the Grand Canyon at least once in a lifetime.

Sedona, Arizona

Trip to the Grand Canyon- May 2007

Ready for the mule ride : )
Summer is definitely here! Katelin loves the pool.

Pool fun